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Air Conditioner Maintenance: Understanding the Subtle Signs of Impending Failure

Regular inspection of your residential air conditioning unit is critical for an extended lifespan and optimal performance. This assessment is crucial because it will help you identify malfunctions in time to perform immediate repairs. Unfortunately, most homeowners cannot recognise the signs of degradation of the appliance. This lack of knowledge translates into lost repair time and even complete failure of the AC unit. If you are uncertain about the status of your air conditioner, consider this brief discussion on the subtle symptoms of imminent system failure.

Unusually Warm Air 

You should consult an HVAC technician if your air conditioner is releasing warm air from the vents. This issue indicates internal system malfunctions, and the degradation will continue until the AC unit fails. In general, this anomaly is caused by problems relating to the refrigerant. For instance, if the fluid has leaked out, there will be insufficient cooling. Also, if you have a ducted air conditioner, your cooled air could be escaping through a broken section. If this damage is not repaired immediately, you will experience losses due to high electrical demands.

Moisture and Ice

The accumulation of moisture around an AC unit is a common problem. Unfortunately, most people do not handle this malfunction with diligence. As a result, the issue keeps recurring and it becomes the norm in the home. Typically, humid air accumulates in conditioners because the drain tubes are not conveying the water produced during the cooling process as expected. Sometimes, the natural moisture remains in the unit and the cold air turns the vapour into liquid and then ice. If you would like to restore functionality, you must unblock, repair or replace the tubing.

Poor Air Flow

If you have been using your AC unit for some time, you should be able to detect changes in the airflow in your interior space. In general, these appliances are designed to produce a specific level of air to ensure optimal cooling and ventilation. A decline in performance will not only cause discomfort. It will translate into higher energy charges because the system must work harder to compensate for the functional problems. Often, poor airflow can be linked to the damage or malfunction of the air compressor. Also, damaged air ducts can result in the same issue due to leakages. Immediate repairs will prevent the escalation of damage and energy losses. 

Other common problems that you should watch out for include unusual odours and noise. Consult an experienced HVAC contractor for troubleshooting and professional air conditioning repairs if these anomalies occur.