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3 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems Faced by Homeowners

The average lifespan of an AC unit ranges between 10-15 years. Therefore, it's inevitable that you will schedule several air conditioning repairs before replacing it. The most common AC problems are known to be a result of either faulty installation or inadequate maintenance. It is needless to say how uncomfortable a home can get when an AC unit is not working correctly, and then couple it up with the financial stress brought about by energy inefficiencies. Luckily, it is usually nothing that a qualified HVAC expert can't fix. Prior knowledge about some of the most common AC problems will put you a step ahead when the technician comes to perform air conditioning repairs.

Low or Leaking Refrigerant

In case you didn't know, the air conditioner uses a chemical refrigerant to cool the air in your room. Reduced refrigerant levels cause the AC to malfunction by prompting temperature fluctuations. Most times, the reason behind low refrigerant levels in your AC is usually associated with a leak. If you suspect that your cooling unit may need a refrigerant recharge, it is crucial that you schedule an air conditioning repair immediately. This will not only restore the comfort at home but also save you money.

Electric Failure

As with all electrical appliances, this problem is anticipated. Some of the hardware that makes up an air conditioner are the thermostat, fuses, capacitors, breakers, compressors, coils, and contractors. A glitch arising from any of these components will cause your AC not to function correctly. For instance, fuses and breakers ensure that the AC's motor doesn't overheat. Thus, in case the motor fails, the first thing the technician will check is the breaker. Unless you are savvy with air conditioning repairs, it is prudent to call in a technician.

Clogged Filter or Drainage

After purchasing an AC unit, it is wise to use the manufacturer's manual for small maintenance tasks. Some units require that the filter be changed on a monthly basis or every three months. Some filters can also be reused but have to be checked and cleaned when dirty. You can check whether it's time to replace or clean your filter by confirming whether it lets any light pass through.  If not, then you should clean or replace it. Not only does a dirty filter deter the airflow, but it can also cause the AC to freeze. The drain is also susceptible to clogging from dust, lint and dirt. When this occurs, the drainage will fill up, and water will start leaking. This could damage the unit and cause you spend on air conditioning repairs.

Preventive maintenance of your AC unit can help curb most of these issues. While you can do this alone, seeking the help of a professional from a company like Wise Choice Heating and Cooling is best, as they can spot lurking problems.