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Why a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System is Best For Your Ageing Parents' Home

As you may know, a cooling AC unit works by chilling warm indoor air using a refrigerant and pumping heat outdoors. A reverse cycle system can, as the name suggests, reverse this process to heat a home instead. If you're worried that your ageing parents' current HVAC systems won't be keeping them cool enough in the summer or warm enough in the winter, arranging  to have a reverse cycle heating and cooling system installed in their home is the best option.

Here are 3 reasons why reverse cycle AC is the ideal choice for seniors.

There's Only One System to Learn

Many of today's seniors struggle to figure out electronics, given how complex they can be compared to solutions they used in their prime. Sometimes, even if your parents heating and cooling systems are working fine, you may find that they're avoiding using one or both of them because they can't understand how they work. With a reverse cycle air conditioning system, there's only one set of controls to learn for both heating and cooling, making temperature control easy for people of all ages and eliminating the worry that your parents might let themselves get too hot or too cold.

It Can Be Programmed

Even if your parents don't want to learn how their reverse cycle AC works, the beauty of this system is that it can be easily programmed to work on a timer. Rather than trying to configure two separate systems and hope their internal clocks line up properly, you can use one control panel to schedule hot air and cold air across the house. For a comprehensive system covering the whole home, it's easy to program the unit to cool the living room during the day and heat the bedroom at night. If temperatures where your parents live fluctuate too much for a schedule to be of any use, you can also adjust the system to automatically change its function based on a thermostat temperature reading so your parents always feel comfortable.

It Saves Retirement Funds

The last thing you want is for your parents to waste their hard-earned retirement money on energy high bills. Likewise, you equally don't want to have to call your mum or dad every night and ask them if they remembered to turn off the AC or heater. Thanks to simple programming functions and ease of use, reverse cycle air conditioning prevents unnecessary cooling and heating, only functioning as and when necessary. This ensures that no money is wasted on electricity. In addition, as everything is part of one system, your parents don't need to shell out on separate maintenance calls and repairs, reducing the lifetime cost of the unit.