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Ducted HVAC System Hacks: How to Deal with Noisy Air Ducts

A properly functioning HVAC system is critical to your home's air quality and a comfortable indoor environment. When the system is not working correctly, it will prevent you from enjoying warm or cool air when you need it most. Additionally, the inefficiency can also increase heating and cooling costs in the home and set you back in HVAC repair costs.

When you have a ducted system, one of the problems that you may have to deal with is noisy ducts. Several factors can cause your ducts to operate noisily, and this can be a nuisance in your home. Here are some of the measures that you can take to quiet noisy air ducts and enjoy a serene indoor environment.

Clean the ducts regularly

The air ducts and filters in your heating and cooling system are bound to get dirty over time. If you don't clean them, the dirt, murk, and debris will clog them and make it hard for air to flow smoothly through the system. The result will be an audible hissing sound when you turn the system on. Regularly cleaning the ducts and filters will eliminate these annoying sounds. If you are unable to clean the vents yourself, you should hire a qualified contractor to do it for you. This will not only eliminate the noise but also maximize the efficiency of the entire system and prevent overheating.

Open the vent dampers

Vent dampers are some vents that are located in the air ducts, and they are used to regulate air flow. In a ducted heating system, dampers can be used to cut off the air in individual rooms that are not being used at the time. They help in improving the efficiency of the system and reducing heating costs. Closing one damper at a time may not cause problems with the system. However, if you close multiple dampers at once, the restricted airflow can cause noises in the ducts. If you notice the sounds after closing the vents, you should open them to enjoy a quieter environment.

Regulate the fan

Whether you are using the air conditioner or heating system, you will need the system's fan to supply the warm or cool air in the room. When the fan is set on a very high speed, it can cause the ducts to produce annoying noises. This is caused by something known as static pressure, and it is usually normal in HVAC systems. However, when the fan is at high speed, static pressure increases and causes the system to generate noises. Regulating the fan's speed can help in restoring the static pressure to normal.

Contact an HVAC contractor if you are unable to stop the noises in your ducted system. You should also carry out regular maintenance and checks to ensure that the system is running optimally.