Installing HVAC in Your Business Premises

4 Things to Consider Before Installing an AC System

Installing an air conditioning unit is the best way to beat the summer heat. Whether you want to replace an old unit or making a first time purchase, you wouldn't want to get it wrong.  The following are some things you must consider before you have an AC installed.

1.    The installation cost

Air conditioning installation can be a costly affair if you are installing a central air system that is required to cool a large area. While the price is worth paying for the sake of the comfort that you will get, it might be stretching if you do not need the whole area cooled. It is therefore essential to consider cooling the frequently trafficked areas in the house to save on this. Better yet, the market today has many portable air conditioning units that can be more efficient and cost-effective.

2.    The size

Costly or not, size matters when it comes to AC systems. And size should be in relation to the area that you want to be cool. A small air conditioner in a big room in very hot weather will leave you with a lot to desire as it will fail to cool the room, defeating the whole purpose of installing it. Therefore, you need to select a system that is the appropriate size in order to effectively serve its purpose while providing you with comfort, longevity and efficiency.

3.    The placement

The location of the air conditioning unit is very important if it has to efficiently perform. The AC unit shouldn't be placed adjacent to a plant or facing sunlight. Additionally, the condenser should be placed in a shady place and away from overly lit places. Such placement could lead to overheating hampering its performance. 

4.    The ductwork

Your home needs to have good ductwork for your system to function well. If your house doesn't have a good ductwork that can carry cool air, you will have to fix this before bringing in an AC unit. The duct joints and duct seams have to be properly sealed, as a leak may slow down the cooling process, leading to inefficiency of the whole system.

Finally, you will have to call in a professional for air conditioning installation. A professional will help you do a preliminary analysis of your air conditioning needs, advise you on better locations and review your ductwork and of course, install the system for you expertly.