Installing HVAC in Your Business Premises

Innovative Air Conditioning and Heating Products That Will Shape 2018 and Beyond

To promote more innovative products in the HVAC industry, there are various exhibitions and trade shows that are carried out on an annual basis. These events serve as a platform for companies to highlight their new and innovative products that will revolutionise air conditioning and heating systems moving forward.

For example, ARBS (Air conditioning, Refrigeration, and Building Services Exhibition) is an international expo that is held annually in Australia to showcase trends in the HVAC industry. Another worldwide exhibition is the AHR (Air conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Expo) that is held in the United States and features companies from all over the world.

This year, both businesses and customers will be treated to a breathtaking selection of innovative products that will take air conditioning units to the next level. Here is what users can expect to see in HVAC systems this year and beyond.

Two-stage Compressors

For many years, the compressors of HVAC systems have been operating with mixed results. Some are more energy efficient than others, but they still remain a significant barrier to operational efficiency. This year, users can expect to see significant advancements in compressor operations.

The AHR Expo has already unveiled a two-stage compressor that provides scalable compression options from anywhere between 1-10 tonnes. A two-stage compressor works by passing warm air over high pressure systems within the unit in two or more successive steps. This ensures that all warm air is adequately cooled before it is channelled back into the premises. Indeed, these compressors are currently the epitome of high performance and reliability.

Sterile Whole Building Automation Products

For establishments such as hospital operating rooms, laboratories, and clean rooms, controlling indoor air quality has always been a top concern. Previous HVAC systems have provided mixed results with regards to their ability to provide quality and contaminant-free air.

This year, users can expect to witness the launch of complete room monitoring solutions. These comprise of HVAC systems and control devices that closely monitor indoor air and eliminate pollutants, excess humidity, and dirt/debris. The products will feature air conditioners that can provide a sterile environment for sensitive rooms within commercial and residential establishments.

High lift compressors

In 2018, users of HVAC products can expect to witness one of the most efficient compressors suited for high lift applications. High lift compressors feature higher load capabilities, low sound and vibration when operating, and easier maintenance over time. This compressor also comes in handy for air-cooled chillers and other refrigeration equipment. High lift compressors work better than most current HAVC compressors in the market.

The 2018 HVAC product exhibitions in Australia and beyond will unleash exciting new products that will improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems moving forward.