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Tell-Tale Signs That the Ductwork on Your Air Conditioner Needs Attention

The ductwork is one of the components of a ducted air conditioning system that will require regular attention. In some cases, it may need replacement. Because most of the ductwork is usually hidden behind walls and ceilings, identifying damage by visual inspection may not be the easiest thing, or the most practical. You can, however, infer that your ductwork is in need of repairs by looking out for several signs, some of which are highlighted here.

Strange Hissing Sounds

If you hear a continuous hissing sound from behind the walls, there's a chance that it is actually air leaking through your ductwork and escaping the system. A small hiss may not be easy to pick on, but if the sound is loud enough to disrupt you and annoy you, then it may be time to make an emergency call to your HVAC contractor.

Poor Air Flow

Poor or restricted air flow may be a result of several things, one of which has everything to do with your ductwork. If your ducts are blocked by dust, insects or rodents, then you can expect poor air flow in the system. In addition, if there are any leaks in the ductwork, it would also result in reduced airflow.

No Cool Air

Your ducted air conditioning system is supposed to circulate cool air throughout your house. If you are not getting enough cool air, or if the air being circulated isn't quite cool enough, your ducts could very well be the culprit. Blocked or leaky ducts can also be the cause of this problem with cool air circulation.

Strange Odours

Your air conditioning should always make your home very comfortable. But what if your home gets stuffy and filled with a bad odour every time you turn on the AC unit? These smells affect air quality and can make any indoor space very uncomfortable. Again, like other problems, there may be several causes. Tied to your ductwork could be an animal that died and is rotting away in the ducts. Another reason could be mould growth and mildew buildup in your ducts thanks to any moisture that may have leaked into the ducts. 

An HVAC contractor with experience in handling ducted air conditioning repairs can help you with any repairs involving your unit's ductwork. These signs will help you identify when it is time to call in an expert to help with inspection and repairs.