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Three Crucial Tips for Repairing Your Inefficient Ducted AC

Ducted air conditioners are ideal for home installation because of their effective cooling design. In simple terms, when you install this type of system, the ductwork will distribute cool air throughout the building. Therefore, the home will be cooler due to the extensive reach. Unfortunately, installing a ducted AC unit in your house does not guarantee adequate cooling. If the appliance is set up incorrectly or the system sustains damage, you will experience a lot of inefficiencies. If you notice some energy losses from your AC or the unit no longer works as expected, it is important to conduct immediate repairs. Here are some critical guidelines for restoring your inefficient ducted air conditioner.

Seal Damaged Ducts

You should check your AC ducts for damage. In general, the ducting is installed in protected parts of the house. However, the tubing can still be compromised. For instance, vibrations in the house during renovations or mechanical impact can cause the structure to develop fissures around the joints. If the damage is left in place, it will interfere with the effectiveness and efficiency of the appliance. Simply speaking, the air supplied through the duct will not be cool enough due to the losses. Also, the appliance will be strained in an attempt to compensate for the losses. If you suspect this might be the problem, conduct a thorough inspection and seal the ducting.

Restore the Insulation

Proper insulation is essential if you want your ducted air conditioner to function at peak. The insulation prevents heat gains that could interfere with the effectiveness of the AC. If the ductwork running through your house is not covered properly in an insulating material, the cooled air will gain some heat from the surroundings. This means that the air distributed to the rooms will not be cool enough to keep the space at the optimal temperature. In addition, the AC will have to run more frequently to lower the indoor temperature. Consequently, the AC will be inefficient and more vulnerable to failure. You should check the ducting insulation and restore any missing sections for ideal results.

Replace the Filters

If your ducted AC is not performing as expected, the solution could be replacing the clogged filters. This simple maintenance procedure is overlooked, and it can cause unnecessary inefficiencies. When the filters are clogged, it compromises the indoor air quality. Also, the AC will be under strain due to the blockage of the filter. It is important to clean or replace the filters as recommended to improve efficiency and functionality.

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