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4 Sources of Ducted Air Conditioning Problems

When ducted air conditioning systems stop working, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what the source of the problem is. The following four parts of a ducted air conditioning system are the cause of most faults, so start your investigation here.

1. Cooling Settings

Before you open up your AC unit or check the ducts, take the time to double-check your cooling settings. You need to set the temperature on the thermostat to a value lower than the current temperature of your home to make the unit blow cool air. Depending on the location of the thermostat, this value might be lower than you expect.

2. Filters

Filters are the source of many ducted air conditioning problems. As air travels around a ducted system, it deposits contaminants in the filters, such as dust, pollen, hair and other types of airborne dirt. Over the years, these contaminants can block the filters, preventing air from moving around the system.

If your ducted air conditioning system blows a weak stream of air, the most straightforward troubleshooting action you can take is to remove the filters and clean them. Wash them with dish soap and water, leave them to dry and then replace them into your AC unit.

3. Thermostat

Sometimes, air conditioning systems blow warm air not because there is anything wrong with the cooling equipment but because the thermostat isn't working properly. The role of the thermostat is to tell the air conditioning system when it needs to apply cooling to the air that circulates around your home. If it fails, due to an electrical fault, a broken thermocouple or even just dust building up inside the thermostat, the result can be a lack of cooling.

You can try opening and cleaning your thermostat to remove dust, which could be preventing the thermostat from correctly detecting the ambient temperature. If you suspect an electrical fault, the best and safest course of action is to contact a professional HVAC repair service to help you out.

4. Ducts

Another possible cause of weak airflow in a ducted air conditioning system is a tear or loose connection in one of the ducts. Depending on the location of your ducts, you might find it difficult to check them for problems. In that case, calling in an HVAC repair service is the best way to find out what has gone wrong with your ducted air conditioning system.

For more information about ducted air conditioning, reach out to a professional.