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An Overview of Common Heater Repairs

It is advisable to schedule annual maintenance of your heater. Hiring a heater technician for a general inspection and the maintenance of your heater will ensure all the parts are running smoothly. The technician will also identify potential problems and resolve them before they get worse. The following are some of the most common heating repairs.

Clogged Filters

Filters are essential components of your heating system. They are used to block dirt and contaminants passing through the vents. They ensure clean air is circulating in your home. However, over time, your heater may have clogged filters.

The filters get clogged because of the accumulation of blocked dirt. To remedy this problem, the technician will clean the filters. In severe cases, your technician may have to replace the filters. While there are many DIY manuals on cleaning and changing filters, it is advisable to hire a heating and air conditioning repair expert to avoid further complications and quality services.

Weird Noises

Another sign that you need heater repairs is weird noises. If you find that your furnace is clanging, banging or making loud noises, you need to be alarmed. It means that some parts of your system are loose or need to be replaced.

In many cases, you will find that a nut, screw or bolt came loose inside the vents. Another cause of these weird noises is a dirty filter. A filter that is installed in the wrong way also causes these banging noises. The noise starts when you turn your system on. When your furnace begins making strange noises, make sure you call a heating expert to have it checked.

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

Another heater repair issue is a malfunctioning thermostat. The thermostat is like the brain of your heating system. It is responsible for controlling the climate by setting the temperatures and air level of the system based on your requirements. A problem with the thermostat will affect the overall function of your HVAC system.

A faulty or wrongly installed thermostat will overwork your furnace. If you notice that your furnace is cycling more than necessary, or you realise there is a drop in temperature, it is likely that your thermostat is spoiled. You can try replacing the batteries. If the problem persists, call an HVAC repair expert. The common solution to a malfunctioning thermostat is a replacement. Make sure you get a digital or smart thermostat to help you monitor your energy consumption and schedule different settings.

For more information on heater repairs, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.