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6 Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning For Your Home

Ducted air conditioning is a popular type of air conditioning in residential buildings. Compared to window units or split systems, ducted air conditioning has many benefits. Here are six of the most important.

1. Whole-House Cooling

If you need to cool every room in a large house, ducted air conditioning is the most practical choice. This kind of system uses just one unit to generate cold air that is then distributed around the home via ducts. As a result, the whole house can be cool and comfortable.

2. Low Maintenance Costs

The maintenance costs of ducted air conditioning are often lower than for split systems. If you use a split system to cool a large house, it is likely that you will need multiple units, which means that you have to pay service costs for each one. Ducted air conditioning uses a single reliable unit, which means that servicing is usually quick, easy, and affordable.

3. Installation Can Be Affordable

Many people worry that the installation of a ducted air conditioning system will be too expensive. While there are costs associated with the installation of ducts, these costs must be balanced against the expense of buying multiple split system units or window air conditioning units. If you need to cool a large family home, you might find that ducted air conditioning is the least expensive option.

4. Silent Cooling

Ducted air conditioning systems have their main cooling units outdoors, which means that they should not introduce any noise into your home. In contrast, window and split systems make noise indoors, which can make it difficult to sleep or relax in your home.

5. No Unsightly Units

When you choose ducted air conditioning, you can hide almost all the components of your home cooling system inside the walls, crawlspaces, and outside of your home. As a result, you do not have to compromise your interior decorating style to accommodate air conditioning units.

6. Increase the Value of Your Property

Once you have installed ducts, they can stay in place for many years or even decades. As a result, any future owners of the home will not face costs associated with duct installation. With many families today looking for a home with the infrastructure needed for ducted air conditioning already in place, installing this kind of air conditioning system could boost the value of your home and make it easier to sell.