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Could Your AC Problem Be down to a Blocked Drain Line?

When summer temperatures spike, you'll be glad that you have a working air conditioning system in your home. You'll also notice quite quickly if something goes wrong and, suddenly, your house resembles a sauna. As you may know, there are many individual components within an air conditioning system, and you need to pinpoint the problem before you can get it fixed. However, one of the most common issues is associated with a clogged drainpipe, so how can you tell if this is the case, and if so, what should you do?

Condensation Issues

Typical air conditioning system operation will result in a buildup of moisture. The drain line will ensure that this excess condensation is directed elsewhere so that it does not cause an operational issue.

How It Works

The drain pipe is usually made from PVC and is routed from your main installation towards the outside of the property. When it is working correctly, you will notice a small but consistent water trickle near the end of the old pipe.

Sometimes, this pipe can get blocked. When it does so, it can cause a backup of water, triggering an automatic safety switch. In this case, the AC may suddenly stop altogether. You may also notice a nasty smell throughout the home, and this could be caused by a buildup of standing water within the system.

Why Problems Arise

The pipe's interior is very humid, and you should expect algae to build up during normal operation. This growth can solidify and team up with other contaminants to eventually cause an internal blockage. If this is the case, you will need to remove the blockage before normal service can be resumed, and you may be able to do this at home in certain situations.

Closer Inspection

If you know where the drainage system is, look for the inspection point. Carefully remove the cap to have a look at the inside of the pipe. You may be able to see the blockage and if so, try to remove it manually without pushing any of it further down into the pipe itself.

Doing It Yourself

Household vinegar can help to clear your blockage if you are lucky. Add a few caps of this with some water to the highest point of the drain line and let it sit in place. After half an hour, see if this has done the trick. If not, you will need to call out a professional service technician to have a close look at the problem. Reach out to a professional who provides aircon services to learn more.