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Could Your Gas Heater Be Faulty Or Do You Simply Need To Flush The System?

As the temperatures drop, you may rely on your gas-powered heating system to keep your family happy. So, they may not be too impressed if the system is struggling to keep up and not able to warm the living room accordingly. Could something be wrong with the boiler, or could the system be in need of some repair? What do you need to focus on to avoid any further complaints from your loved ones?

Take a Closer Look

When your gas-powered heating system is struggling, you may notice some cold spots inside some of your radiators. At the same time, you may see that the tap water in your kitchen or bathroom looks a little cloudy. While this may not be directly related to your heating issues, it could be a sign of limescale, which is definitely a cause for concern.

Time for a Power Flush

If you've been dealing with limescale for some time, the water that flows through your heating system may also have added some "sludge" within the pipes and radiators. The best way to check this is to carefully bleed one of the radiators and look at the colour of the water. If it is clearly discoloured, then there's definitely dirt in the system. The boiler may be okay, but you will need to power flush the whole installation.

Clean the System

Power flushing is a good way to clear and clean all the pipes and heaters within the entire system. It'll remove rust, sludge and any other contamination, so you can restore normal performance.

How to Do a Power Flush

You need to bring in a technician with the appropriate pressure pump and tools to do this. They'll connect the pump to the central heating system and then introduce a chemical solution. These chemicals can loosen any stubborn sludge and include a de-scaler, which can cope with any limescale buildup. Once the "baked-on" dirt is loose, it'll be carried out during the flush. The chemical will also include a corrosive inhibiting agent, which should help to reduce any future rust buildup.

General System Service

Once the process is complete, the technician will double-check the entire system and carry out a general service. If there are any issues with the boiler heater, they will address those as well, and once everything is finished, they'll sign off on the work.

Call the Experts

So, don't delay, but call a technician instead. They'll conduct a power flush as soon as possible, restoring normal service. For more information on gas heater repair, contact a company near you.